Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've found NSTimers to be pretty useful. Good for timing a game level or setting a timeout for a particular action. Though the first time around I was getting some funky run-time errors. Had to do with how the timer is retained. I was trying to use a [myTimer isValid] as a condition in an if statement. Well after it expires it seems to go back to the ether, and was causing an error. I changed the structure to have a the Timers method set a flag which was then checked in my control statements. Problem solved.

Converting an int into a NSString is mildly problematic. Easy to deal with. Using a unichar pointer and pixie dust.

I've started to realize that this project is actually coming together into some sort of actual game. Which leads me to a problem. Music. I need music during game play, right? So I guess it will be a good opportunity to play with Garageband. 'Cuz, you know it's free, and I need some royalty-free muzac!

Need to start on dealing with levels. And handle the on screen clock... leading us, most likely, back to the topic of NSTimers...