Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy-ness & Business.

Been having a lot of free time lately. Putting polishing touches on the game. Oh, I can now tell you it is a game. Also been learning about and using NSNotificationCenter as well as AVAudioPlayer. Objective-C programming itself is becoming much much easier. I guess you could say I am becoming more and more fluent. I was having an NSTimer issue awhile back. Turns out, after the timer would fire it would been dealloc'ed. And so I was unable to call [timer isValid] or [timer invalidate] on it, because it was no longer available. Adding a "retain" in the right place and all is well. NSNotificationCenter is pretty great and useful as well. And easy to use once I figured it out.

The difficult part lately has been music. Not using it in the game, but making it. The choices are buying royalty-free stuff or making my own. I opted for the cheap choice! So I've been playing composer this week! Yikes!

But the bulk is done. Time for testing (and refining). Bundling. Documenting. Signing. Zipping. Uploading then selling.